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Peace Snatchers

Posted in Life Lessons with tags , , on December 21, 2011 by Delonda Burns

Raise your hand if you have one or more of these kind of people

in your life….

* Someone who calls you constantly, with a whole lot of DRAMA!

* Someone who calls or come around and try to invade your

peace   with GOSSIP!

* Someone who calls or come’s around all the time who is just so unhappy, sad, or

miserable and they want to invade your peace with their UNHAPPINESS!

* Someone who COMPLAINS “ALL” the time, when they are in your presence…

* Their INTENTIONS are always bad!

I can go on, but I guess I’ll stop here.

Why even bother to go on anyway?

Just writing this is disturbing to my peace…

When you’re working on trying to become a better person, or

even trying to develop a relationship with God or even when

you’re in a happy place in your life, or when you’re doing

well and you’re filled with so much love & joy…

Who comes along?

I’ll tell you..A Peace Snatcher, everything that I have mention above, are who these people are, and to be honest some of them might not know or be aware of what they are doing, or simply..

Don’t care!

Be very aware of them, they come to steal, kill, and destroy your joy! Do not allow them to do it, they work for the devil!

Have your guards up at all times, when you see them coming,

I’m sure you know who they are…lol..God knows I do…

Let me tell you how to handle the Peace Snatchers…

As they slowly or even swiftly approach you with a disturb

conversation you feel will take you away from your peaceful

state of mind. You politely stop them with a pause signal

(hold one of your hands up, signaling them to be quiet) and you say..

Sweetheart, Cutie Pie or whatever their name is, and you say..

I’m so in a peaceful place right now, and I’m sorry, but I’m just

unable to digest all that you are trying to expose to me!

And you walk away fast….That’s it!

You told them in a very respectful way, and also you still have

your peace, which was what you really wanted to keep anyway!

I’m a peaceful person, I come in peace, I live in peace as much

as I can, so when I happen to come in contact with those Peace Snatching people, I politely remove myself from their presence.

You can do the same, and hopeful one day those Peace Snatchers,

soon will learn how to approach you in a positive way!

Until Next Time…





Posted in Life Lessons on December 20, 2011 by Delonda Burns

I remember when I was a little girl, and I use to go over to my Godparents house all the time.

My mother told me that she use to run the streets all the time, and they didn’t mind watching me.

Back in the day, my Godparents owed a farm, I remember it being one of the biggest farm ever.

My Grandmother, and my Auntie Dot use to drive at least 3hrs or less going to my Godparents farm.

Wait,Let me rewind back, when I was little my Godparents use to live right across the street from my great-grandmother house on Polk St. Later on down the years, they purchased a home with the farm with it.

I enjoyed the drive down, because I was going to visit my Godparents, and that we were going to pick some good ole fresh veggie’s from my Godparents farm. I can laugh about it now  looking back, but  it was hot as heck outside picking those fresh vegetables. I felt like I was picking cotton…lol…

My Godparents had a very successful business back then; I remember it being groups of people out there picking as well, they gave us cold ice water, and cold ice lemonade whenever we needed it, along with a good  healthy meal, they were the best!

My Godfather, Mr.Brown was an awesome man, he was the only man, I mean the only man who was a father figure in my life; he always, I mean always told me that I was beautiful, he always told me that I was going to be a SUPER STAR!!!, His words were always encouraging, and  today I still can see him bending down on his knees, telling me how beautiful I was.It still brings tears to my eyes, like it’s doing now…lol.. but it does brings me to tears every time I think about it.

As I became an adult, my mother decided that she wanted to tell me that I was ugly as a little girl, and that was also one of the reasons why she didn’t want to keep me.Just think how devastating that could have been, if I believed, that I was ugly.

Well, I thank God  for  my Godfather, for always telling me that I was beautiful, and always showing his love toward me.My Godmother as well, they both took really good care of me, every time I was in their presence, they made sure I was fed, they made sure I had clean clothes, and they filled me with lots of love.

Today, I  am grown, I am beautiful, and I feel beautiful, no matter what kind of shoes I wear, no matter how I rock my nappy hair, no matter what kind of clothes that I may have on, I’m still beautiful!

Material possessions will “never” defined, who I am, or how I feel inside!

What I’m trying to say is, parents, if you have little children or even teens, please speak encouraging, and loving words to them; because as they get older, they are going to remember, and will start to live by those words that you may have spoken to them. It will go along way, It will build their confident, make them feel so much love, help them move in a positive direction in life, help them succeed in school,and all kinds of wonderful & marvelous things can go on with them, just by you speaking encouraging words to them!

If you tell them that, their never going to be nothing, or that they are dumb, stupid or fat, those words

are going to stick into their brain, and they are going to believe that, please don’t do that.

Parents, lets speak words of love, into our children live, and also your life & others as well!

It will make a big difference, I’m telling you!

I Love you!