Peace Snatchers

Raise your hand if you have one or more of these kind of people

in your life….

* Someone who calls you constantly, with a whole lot of DRAMA!

* Someone who calls or come around and try to invade your

peace   with GOSSIP!

* Someone who calls or come’s around all the time who is just so unhappy, sad, or

miserable and they want to invade your peace with their UNHAPPINESS!

* Someone who COMPLAINS “ALL” the time, when they are in your presence…

* Their INTENTIONS are always bad!

I can go on, but I guess I’ll stop here.

Why even bother to go on anyway?

Just writing this is disturbing to my peace…

When you’re working on trying to become a better person, or

even trying to develop a relationship with God or even when

you’re in a happy place in your life, or when you’re doing

well and you’re filled with so much love & joy…

Who comes along?

I’ll tell you..A Peace Snatcher, everything that I have mention above, are who these people are, and to be honest some of them might not know or be aware of what they are doing, or simply..

Don’t care!

Be very aware of them, they come to steal, kill, and destroy your joy! Do not allow them to do it, they work for the devil!

Have your guards up at all times, when you see them coming,

I’m sure you know who they are…lol..God knows I do…

Let me tell you how to handle the Peace Snatchers…

As they slowly or even swiftly approach you with a disturb

conversation you feel will take you away from your peaceful

state of mind. You politely stop them with a pause signal

(hold one of your hands up, signaling them to be quiet) and you say..

Sweetheart, Cutie Pie or whatever their name is, and you say..

I’m so in a peaceful place right now, and I’m sorry, but I’m just

unable to digest all that you are trying to expose to me!

And you walk away fast….That’s it!

You told them in a very respectful way, and also you still have

your peace, which was what you really wanted to keep anyway!

I’m a peaceful person, I come in peace, I live in peace as much

as I can, so when I happen to come in contact with those Peace Snatching people, I politely remove myself from their presence.

You can do the same, and hopeful one day those Peace Snatchers,

soon will learn how to approach you in a positive way!

Until Next Time…




2 Responses to “Peace Snatchers”

  1. I love this D! You are so right!! You hit the nail right on the head with the name you gave them! lol I will def heed your advice! Great post!

  2. I found peace once I removed those type of people in my life! lol

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