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I’m Happy to be here…..

Posted in Random talk with tags , , , on July 17, 2012 by Delonda Burns

July 19th will mark our fourth month living here in Atlanta and I must say that I’m loving it!!!!

Let me tell you, there have been some challenges, but God is soooo good, that he pulled us through. I just get chills when I think about or even speak about how awesome my God is…I’m shouting!!!!

My loves, I never, never been to Atlanta before moving here, wait let me say this, I’m from Chicago, IL and from 2008 I been fascinated with living here. My husband says it’s because of what I’ve been seeing on TV, from watching RHOA, but I would say that, that show did play a little part of it, but not the BIG part.

I absolutely love being on my computer, I love to search things, and so on, and so on.So during my searching somethings I found interesting things about Atlanta that I love. For instance, the homes, OMG the homes are so beautiful (In the area that I was searching) the prices for them was like..OMG, seriously, $200,000 for a 4bdrm home, and in Chicago, you pay so much more for that price and it don’t look as half as good as the homes in Atlanta.

So, I can say that was one of the reasons that I wanted to live here, I want a home so badly, I want an awesome back yard so that I can plant me a vegetable garden and a flower garden. A yard, were my boys can go out and enjoy, a place where I can have a patio so I can entertain, and also sit out and read while sipping on wine, coffee or tea. We’re going to have our house soon, God told me so!…lol

I have to say that I’m happy here, my husband is coming around, he was ready to go home, but he didn’t want to leave his family and he knew also that he didn’t want to live back in Chicago. Now, I’m not saying that Chicago, is a very bad place to stay, but we wanted a change, it was time to leave,and we felt like we have out grown Chicago. Do you understand what I’m say?

Basically all of our family is there, and we do miss them, but we have to live & enjoy our life the way we want to. Chicago, is always home and we will always go back to visit, but at this moment, we’re making Atlanta home…:-)

It’s other reasons, that I wanted to move here, but I’m going to keep it hush, hush and let the people see me in action later….lol, I like to keep certain things to myself, because if you start telling people your dreams, and your desires, they like to speak negative about them, so I’ve learn to keep my mouth shut.

I can’t forget to mention that my bestfriend/girlfriend is here also,and she played a great part on helping us get here, so shouts out to my BF/GF Sylvia Winston!!!!

All I have to say is Watch out for me, and try to google me later, I’ll keep you updated on when!


Live, Laugh, and Love,